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How long you have you been in business for?

Lumio was founded 3 years ago and was initially a crowdfunded design. The brand really took off after Max Gunawan, the founder and designer of the brand, appeared on Shark Tank.
What are the difficulties in expanding in Asia for Lumio?
 Our main focus has been on the US and Europe. With a presence in Asia now, we will slowly expand and enter new markets as China and South East Asia. The biggest difficulty so far is entering the China market as it has many import restrictions and requirements.  
What are the main challenges for your company so far?
We haven’t really faced any major challenges so far. It has been very successful in the retail sector and now it’s important to expand our global online business.  
What are your main goal for the next years?
We will keep designing and releasing new products over the course of the next few years.
What is the name “Lumio” coming from?
 Lumio is inspired from “illuminating” which is the essence of the brand and the product. 
What are the challenges that you face by producing? technical challenges?
We are working very closely with our manufacturer in China and we have worked out the many technical challenges we had in the beginning. Our products are very complicated to manufacture, so we had some struggles in the beginning.
Why did you choose coworking environment and what do you love most about it?
As a startup company and being new in this region, I think the most important thing is to have a working space without to worry about the setup and all the other factors to keep an office running smoothly and really focus on setting up the business.  
What is your favorite quote? 
Life is not a Destination, It’s a Journey. 
One last word? 



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