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Campfire Shoreditch get real about mental health and wellbeing in the modern workplace with its Open-House Wellness Week

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From 13 to 17 May 2019, Campfire Shoreditch are hosting an ‘Open-House Wellness Week’, in recognition of Mental Health Awareness Week.

‘Wellness, Works’ will see Campfire – a creative and tech-focused co-working space in the heart of Shoreditch – open its doors to the neighbourhood and businesses in the area, for 5 days of free co-working, talks, workshops, food, drink, exhibitions and live music centred around wellness, self-care and mental health.

Campfire Shoreditch chose the second week of May for this event because it was an opportunity to place emphasis on an incredibly important event: the Mental Health Foundation’s Mental Health Awareness Week, raising awareness of mental health-related issues across the UK and beyond.

“We would like to put this incredibly important topic in the spotlight, as it is so often a conversation people shy away from, and those open and honest conversations can start here in Campfire,” says Ellie Bryant, General Manager at Campfire Shoreditch.

“Looking after our mental health is so important for everyone, and it’s an area that’s often disregarded in the workplace, particularly for those working at start-ups, who can lose themselves in their drive and passion for their project. This can result in burnout, stress and a lack of productivity.”

Wellness Week at Campfire Shoreditch marks the beginning of a wider series of events called ‘Wellness, Works’, all focused on wellbeing in the workplace.

Among the events to run as part of this initial phase of the ongoing programme are guided meditation sessions; talks on avoiding burnout and regaining your passion, plus alcohol and mental health; a female-focused session on setting boundaries at work; and how wellbeing can enhance performance. There will also be live music, food pop-ups and more.

“We have a fantastic, varied programme of events and workshops happening this week, hosted by some industry leaders in the field, including Campfire members and partners. This has been really great way for them to showcase their work,” says Bryant.

“Wellness Week gives us a chance not only to put on a fascinating programme of events and give back to our lovely community here in Campfire, but also to open the doors at Campfire Shoreditch to the wider community, teaching everyone some valuable lessons about workplace wellbeing. And, if the attendees make some friends and connections along the way, then even better!”

Usually restricted to members only, Campfire Shoreditch will also be opening use of their creative co-working space for the week, to enable attendees and local businesses to make use of the facilities.

Campfire Shoreditch is the London flagship of Campfires global network of creative shared spaces – with over 20 locations throughout London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney – covering co-working, co-living and co-education. 

For further information, please contact

Madeleine Furley

Director of Public Relations and Partnerships

+852 9440 6858

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