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APAC’s fastest growing co-working operator Campfire to open 85,000 sq ft in Cecil Street with sky pool and rooftop bar

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Campfire Collaborative, Asia Pacific’s fastest growing network of shared spaces, have announced they are opening doors in the heart of Singapore’s CBD, taking an entire 16 floor 85,000 square foot building in Cecil Street while leading luxury in Singapore’s co-working sector as the first operator to offer a sky pool and rooftop bar exclusively for members.


The Hong Kong start-up, previously focused on developing co-working spaces, will be opening their first mixed-use development in Q3 2019, bringing a completely new offering to the shared space sector.


Currently sitting as an 11-storey building at 139 Cecil Street, the site is undergoing major renovation works, where they are adding five floors including a roof terrace with an industry-first sky pool, rooftop bar, outdoor dining area and cabanas.


As the first mixed use development of its kind, the co-working space will also house a range of F&B and retail outlets, a full-service gym, car parking, events, conferencing, education, wellbeing and recreation facilities, in addition to a wide range of private and shared offices.


Founded just two and a half years ago, Campfire now have 20 sites across four countries occupying over 580,000 square feet globally.


Campfire’s announcement follows the ever increasing demand for co-working and flexible shared spaces in Singapore and throughout Asia.


According to Colliers International Group, flexible workspace stock in Singapore has nearly tripled since 2015, with 2017 recording the steepest annual growth on record (+44% YOY).


Colliers forecast the sector to be firmly on track for another 30% growth in total stock over 2018, given operators’ aggressive expansion plans.


Campfire Co-founder and CEO Wang Tse comments “We’re looking forward opening our doors in Singapore and bringing something completely new to the sector.”


“Cecil Street is a total integration of all aspects of what we offer at Campfire and it’s really exciting to have finally found a site that can showcase and deliver this fully integrated lifestyle platform to the community, offering work-life balance, wellness and convenience, all under one roof “ said Tse.


Campfire offer an international network of collaborative spaces, from industry-focused co-working platforms to co-living, co-retail, a number of co-learning operations, pioneering their vision to evolve the way people work, live, learn and play.



Campfire’s Singapore expansion follows their recent announcement taking 80,000 square feet of commercial space within The Harbourfront Landmark luxury residential development in Kowloon – one of Hong Kong’s biggest co-working deals to date.


The Harbourfront Campfire co-learning facility will house a kindergarten, learning center, flexible office accommodation and restaurants, and is expected to open early next year.


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