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由親子教育培養兒童財商 Fostering Good Money Habits Within Families

July 17, 2019

6:30 PM – 8:00 PM

Causeway Bay


活動日期為2019年7月17日 (星期三),地點位於黃竹坑,由Campfire提供。



- 不同年齡的孩子應學習的理財概念
- 如何在日常生活中教孩子們關於金錢和電子支付
- 一個為家庭而設,有趣和互動的財務教育app

為了感謝您的支持,我們將為活動的所有參加者提供獨家折扣。您將會免費獲得香港首張為18歲以下用戶及其家長而設的萬事達卡預付卡,您並可享有6個月的免費試用期。透過由Mellow App接通的萬事達卡,您可以實時發送金錢給予您的孩子,例如津貼和額外獎勵等。從此便可以自動輕鬆地追蹤孩子的在線和離線的消費。

Presented by Mellow: Fostering Good Money Habits Within Families

Mellow is proud to present their first ever community event: Fostering Good Money Habits Within Families on July 17th 2019 in collaboration with Campfire. FREE Food and Drinks (red and white wine, champagne, and soft drinks) provided to everyone!

Grab a FREE TICKET now to join the speakers and learn about how kids can get a headstart to become financially successful with the help of parents.

The event will cover:
– Financial concepts to teach kids in different ages
– Ways to teach kids about money and digital payment in their daily lives
– Digital solution for a fun and interactive financial education for families

In order to give a token of appreciation for your support, an exclusive discount will also be provided to all attendees. You will get the FIRST EVER MasterCard Debit Card made for users under 18 years old and their parents in Hong Kong for FREE for a six-month period. With the MasterCards connected to the app, money transfers such as allowance and extra rewards can be sent to your kids in real time. With this card, you can also track your kid’s online and offline spending automatically.

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