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Build Better Habits in Your Home with Tara Barot

June 26, 2019

13:00 PM - 14:00 PM

Wong Chuk Hang

Have you ever asked yourself: How can I be more effective, how can I be more productive? Are you waking up each morning setting intentions, then finding yourself overwhelmed with your to-do list and end up doing nothing?!

They say a tidy space, equals a tidy mind and starting with organizing your living space could be the first step you can take to work towards becoming more productive.

Tara Barot, Home Design Coach, is here to provide you with simple tools to transform your living space to help build those habits you’ve been trying to create, but haven’t had the ‘time’ to get round to yet.

Key takeaways:
* You’ll walk away with a tool to free up your time for the more important things in your life.
* You will be given the first step to take action in order to create momentum.

Why you should attend:
* If you want to feel calm at home.
* You are ready to build habits that stick this time.
* You want to make positive changes but you don’t know where to start.
* You feel like you need an interior designer but it’s too expensive.

About Tara Barot’s philosophy:
Coming from a life of moving homes from year to year, the importance does not lie in unpacking within a short period of time but, rather strategically changing the layout of your space according to your routines and habits. I believe that your habits make your day and your day make your years and life.

With an Interior Design background, I teach one how to start their own transformation with a two-pronged method where first, I provide simple tools to execute which essentially leads to freeing up some of your time and second, offering another tool that teaches you how to proactively take action to transform your home.

Click here to see Tara in action.

Click here to hear to learn more.

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