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35 (Slack) Groups That Will KickStart Your Startup

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What is this post?

We’ve made a mega list of groups to help you on your Startup journey.

This post is aimed at all the hustlers out there, especially in Hong Kong!

The author can vouch for a few of these groups whilst the others we’ve listed because they seem to be alive, vibrant and useful.

Many of these groups are Slack communities.

Our list is broken up into two sections: useful Groups for (Hong Kong) Startups, and Digital Marketing in General.

* Please report any broken links and if you’d like to submit a group or other just drop a comment below.


(Hong Kong) Startup Groups

The following three groups are product-orientated. Some of our Campfire coworking members, especially those in Wong Chuk Hang and Taikoo Shing (our ‘creative hubs’) might benefit from joining these groups.

So, first on our list is ‘MindTheProduct’. If your business involves the creation and distribution of a physical product (B2B or B2C) then you might benefit from this Slack group.

Product Manager HQ
Another potentially useful group similar to the one above and below.

Product School
This group offers product management courses in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and New York – so although they don’t have a Hong Kong location, London or Singapore (where our other Campfire locations are) it might be of interest to network and get tips?

Startups founded by Female Founders. Sounds good to us! Be sure to join if you’re a businesswoman.

Startup Study Group
This Startup Group includes a bunch of founders that offer advice, as well as investors and advisors. If you’re interested, to hear more check out our resource here in which we interview a bunch of Hong Kong entrepreneurs (some of what are coworking at Campfire),

Startup Chat
Same as the above with the difference being that this one is paid.

This group touts itself as a “community of like-minded entrepreneurs, designers, developers, & makers” – something which we can certainly attest to at Campfire!

For those that don’t know, get to know – ProductHunt is a fantastic resource to find tools and services that will help your Startup succeed. We offer a ton of events at Campfire and all too often the speakers, when discussing growth strategies, will refer to one or more of these types of products.

This group is, in their own words, “an online community tying together a diverse and passionate group of technologists, entrepreneurs, and developers from all around the world.” Sounds good to us and hence why we added this!

Trello Community on Slack
We love Trello and we absoltuely vouch for its usefullness within the Startup scene (i.e. getting shi* done). This community will share advice and ask questions.

This could be an interesting one, especially for those within the coworking community here in Hong Kong since it targets small and medium business and businessmen offering advice and ways to help grow your business.

Support Driven
If you are a SaaS-focused company you might find this SaaS support group helpful.

SaaS Comunity
Similar to the above – could be useful, especially for SaaS founders & professionals within that space.

Founded X
Global community of startup founders. Likely there are a few Hong Kong folk lurking around in there!

Ecommerce APIs. If Ecommerce is your thing then go ahead and check out this group. Efficiency and ability to streamline is vital for any business, not least in Ecommerce.

Group about entrepreneurship and startups, growth hacking, productivity, and business and marketing strategy. We could have placed this one in the marketing list below but it’s kinda more focused towards the overall ‘Startup’ scene which we think you’d find interesting.

Digital Artisans
This is a group where, by their own admission: “pixel artists, code poets, copywriting wordsmiths and masters of the digital arts can escape the confines of solitude and aid in each others enlightenment”. If that sounds like a fit – go check it out!

Feeling lonley? If yes – then this group might help since it claims to help by connecting you with “partners and teammates for your Startup”. We can’t emphasise enough the importance of community within the coworking community and this group might contribute to your wider outreach.
Although not a ‘Slack Group’, this is a useful one: it’s a bunch of curated lists with some useful ‘startup tools’ for the ‘startup community’. Doesn’t matter when you are in the world, this list can be of use.

This group aims to cater for small and medium business talks.

Business China
This is a group aimed at helping Chinese (Hong Kong folk) interested doing business in America, or American’s interested in doing business in China and Hong Kong.

Finance and Marketing Resources/ Slack Groups

Online Geniuses
Right now, is one of the biggest marketing Slack communities (over 2,000 members). Members network and talk about all things SEO and digital marketing related, from small niches to powerhouse PPC experts. The author of this post can attest to this group – it’s excellent. My favourite channel is the “Good Picks” which lists a bunch of battle tested apps and tools. Highly recommended!

If you’re trying to grow as a blogger or online networker/influencer, this Slack community is probably the most helpful. Members are all looking for similar things in terms of creating valuable professional connections and growing backlink profiles in an effective, meaningful way.

Marketers Chat
Marketers Chat brings together marketing professionals across a broad range of disciplines, including mobile marketing, PPC, SEO, bloggers, and more. It’s a diverse community in which you can expect recommendations for tools, tips and tricks of the trade, and to make connections with affiliate marketers.

Website traffic tool. For users of this tool then this is a ‘must join’.

Growth hacking. I’ve only just joined this group so I can’t report back with any authority, but it does seem alive and active.

This Slack Group Facebook Group, is a “Conversion Rate Optimization Experts Community”. We all need to optimize our funnels and this community might aid in that quest.

Programmatic Heads
Programmatic Heads: Programmatic Marketing. Ladies and gents: this is the future…

Women in Sales
For women working in sales roles who want to connect and learn from each other

Customer Retention and Happiness
Community of people who want to retain users, and talk about product changes, and marketing techniques

Mobile Creatives
‘Mobile Creatives’ is a group aimed at “mobile development and marketing.”

Conversion World
This community is all about getting to, driving, and encouraging conversions. The conversations in Conversion World tend to be data-driven and analytics-backed, so bring your top geek game to join in on the discussion.

Designer Hangout
User experience is a fast moving and integral part of how marketers are able to relay their message to their audiences. The members of the UX Guide Slack community understand that, and pull together UX designers, researchers, and professionals from all over the world to discuss the latest and greatest in UX. The slack channels within the community are localized, so you can speak with UX innovators near you.

Publishing platform for professional bloggers – this would be useful if you use this platform, we prefer WordPress.

Keen IO
Needless to say, data is key for marketing. For those that use Keen then this group will help you with your journey in understand how to act on that data more effectively.



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