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Top 9 Local Cheap Eats In Whampoa, Hong Kong

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Ramen at Kanada-ya (金田家)

Romane at Kanada-ya in Whampoa, Hong Kong
Romane at Kanada-ya © Openrice

Kanada-ya takes pride in the work they put into their ramen. To maintain high quality, they offer only four types of ramen to chose from (classic, little, supreme). All four are served with the same pork broth which take 15 hours to prepare everyday. And their noodles are hand-pulled.

Cost: Ramen Starts at $78

Must Order: Ramen

Location: Shop 9A, G/F, Hung Hom Bay Centre, 112 Baker Street, Hung Hom


Gyoza at Chao Chao Gyoza (餃餃餃子)

Gyoza © Openrice

Chao Chao Gyoza has got you covered with their fresh and varied selection of gyozas. 

Cost: Gyoza Start at $28

Must Order: Gyoza

LocationShop G28, G/F, Pebbles World (Site 3), Wonderful Worlds of Whampoa, Hung Hom


Braised Pork on Rice at Zanhao TW (讚好台灣)

Braised Pork on Rice at Zanhao TW's Photo in Whampoa, Hong Kong
Braised Pork on Rice at Zanhao TW’s Photo © Openrice

Zanhao TW does a delightful job at serving authentic Taiwanese food. Their braised pork on rice is an unbeaten favourite for many customers.

Cost: Dishes range between

Must Order: Main dishes range from $45 – $74

Location: Shops 13-14, G/F, Hung Wan Court, United Building, 1-7 Wu Kwong Street, Hung Hom



Sichuan Noodles at Wing Lai Yuen © Openrice
Sichuan Noodles at Wing Lai Yuen © Openrice
Michelin recommended restaurant, Wing Lai Yuen’s Sichuan noodles are a must try if you are in the neighbourhood and can handle some spice!

Cost: Main dishes start at $43

Must Order: Sichuan Noodles

Location: Shop 102-103 & 105, 1/F, Gourmet Place (Site 8), The Whampoa, Hung Hom



Skewers at 美味佳

Skewers © Openrice

美味佳 is a small snack shop loved for its skewers. The pork belly, chicken soft bone, and squid balls are mostly ordered but you can enjoy some cart noodles here as well.

Cost: Dishes range between $8 – $18

Must Order: Skewer

Location: G/F, 2 Bulkeley Street, Hung Hom



Ramen at Tenno Ramen (拉麵天王)

Ramen at Tenno Ramen in Hong Kong
Ramen at Tenno Ramen © Openrice

Tenno’s Ramen are a favourite in the neighbourhood. You can either customise your ramen or chose one of their four offered signature ramen: white (pork tonkotsu broth), red (spicy pork tonkotsu broth), black (truffle oil broth), and a limited edition one.  

Cost: Ramen starts at  $72

Must Order: Ramen

LocationG/F, B5B, 17-27 Tak Man Street, Hung Hom



K-Bap Korean Cuisine (韓宮)

Bibimbap at K-Bap in Hong Kong
Bibimbap at K-Bap © Openrice

At Bibimbap you can get all the typical Korean comfort food for an authentic taste. From Bibimbap to Korean pancakes, they even have a cheese menu you can satisfy your cheese cravings with. During lunch you can enjoy their lunch set mostly consisting of bibimbap.

Cost: Lunch Set starts at $55

Must Order: Bibimbap

Location: G/F., 16 Man Siu Street, Hung Hom



Pancake at 紅磡雞蛋仔

 Mango pancake at 紅磡雞蛋仔 in Whampoa, Hong Kong
Mango pancake at 紅磡雞蛋仔 © Openrice

Master Wu’s Pancake’s at 紅磡雞蛋仔 are well known in the area. You can get the typical Hong Kong egg waffles from him but the actual star is his pancake creation. You could choose to get your pancake wrapped with fruits, or pork floss and peanut butter.

Cost: Dishes range between $8 – $19

Must Order: Crepes

Location: Shop 2, Polly Court, Taku Street, Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong



Cost: Dishes range between $32 – $88

Must Order: Bur-Dog

Location: Shop 106A, Whampoa Building C Block, 97 Baker Street, Hung Hom



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