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Top Shared Spaces Operators Gather for the First Time to Bridge the Gap Within Communities

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For the first time ever, co-working space operators came together to bridge the gap between communities within the competitive coworking industry as the future of co-working evolves. 

The first ‘Fireside Chat’ series was hosted at Campfire Causeway Bay on 14 November, highlighting the importance of community building. “Creating a community” is an overused buzzword whilst being a key selling point for every shared space provider. The discussion held provided insightful information to the definition and purpose of community, what it means for co-working operators, their members and how they can be created in authentic and valuable ways.

Special guests Vicky Huffey, Managing Director of Sassy Media Group, Ivy Wong, Community Connections Consultant sat on the panel, with Dr. Richard Claydon, Chief Executive of Organisational Misbehaviourist, leading the discussion on how to foster successful businesses whilst creating meaningful communities, both on and offline.

Ivy Wong focused on the importance of continuously listening to your audience – your community, to truly understand their needs, in order to better the brand and the brands overall engagement.
Vicky Huffey, Managing Director of Sassy Media, highlighted that co-creating is something that her readers are frequently looking out for. The Sassy community is organically formed by common interests primarily due to geographical boundries focusing on Hong Kong centric content on their online platform.

The council is the first of its kind and a progressive step with all competitors coming together and “creating their own community”.
With the first event receiving a full house, the series will continue to hold further thought-provoking panels and discussions, allowing both shared space providers and members of their communities to further explore what it means to be a part of this new, thriving industry.



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