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Campfire Co-Founder, Wang Tse, live in studio on SKY TV's primetime business show, Ian King Live

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Campfire (“Campfire Collaborative Spaces”) Co-Founder and CEO, Wang Tse, was invited as special guest on Ian King Live, SKY TV‘s primetime business programme. Live in the London studios, Wang spoke with renowned news anchor Ian King about co-working, Campfires rapid expansion and their global plans for the future.

Explaining how Campfire strive to make real estate more accessible for members, Wang also discusses how users of co-working spaces are changing on a global scale.
“We see ourselves as a global company. We’ve always selected global gateway cities where real estate is an issue. High costs can make real estate inaccessible for businesses within those cities and with our product offering, and by embracing the sharing economy, we can make these spaces accessible to our members.”

Wang continues “Before it was a lot of start-ups and small-medium size enterprises that were using co-working spaces, but more and more M&C’s see a need to move into co-working spaces… for them to retain and recruit the best talent it is important for them to have a unique experience in their workspace with a community aspect, and also the cost efficiency that comes with co-working spaces and flexible offices.”

In just two years, Campfire has expanded from one site in Hong Kong, to now occupy more than 620,000 square feet across 20 locations in 4 countries; leading the evolution of shared spaces and becoming a fully integrated lifestyle platform, providing a global network of co-working, co-learning and co-living locations.

For the full interview, click here.



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